Pelliconi Introduces Digital Printing In The World Of Crown Corks

The New Frontier Of Personalization

Finally, your caps don't have to all look the same!  Let your creativity run wild with this new technology, enhance your brand image and get closer to your customer ... right through the access point of the drink: the cap!

The new service is called P•ink and it offers you:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum personalization
  • Maximum brand experience

Are you looking to personalize your crowns?

Digital printing on your crown corks

Customization at the next level

What can you get?

Digital printing by Pelliconi is now available on 26 mm and 29 mm crown corks, to give you the chance to use your brand creativity, the desire to create an identity for each of your products and new custom initiatives on your packaging.

  • Personalized small batches
  • Caps all different from each other
  • Amazing printing effects 
  • Short lead time
  • The top of the cap becomes your palette!
Pelliconi_Digital Printing 01

Who we are

Pelliconi was founded in 1939 and today it counts about 600 employees, 5 plants worldwide and sales volumes of over 30 billion closures per year. For several years the Innovation and R&D department has been working to create new products, services and business.